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Be aware of the coral reefs’ fragility and learn to protect them.Without coral, there will be no reefs’ fish left. If the coral keeps disappearing we wont be able to either admire nor taste our fish.

If you wish to have a closer look at the reefs and directly contribute to their protection, here are the rules to follow as a responsible person:

  1. Make a donation or pay the subscriptions when you go to coral reefs parks or marine reserves.
  2. Avoid buying souvenirs made of corals or any other form of marine life. Otherwise you will support poaching.
  3. When you are diving, never touch corals; they are fragile and some of them could sting or hurt you.
  4. Keep a large distance between you and reefs. You could damage these delicate organisms with your flippers and raise sediments that might suffocate corals.
  5. Do not give food to fish except if a specialist accompanies you. 
  6. Choose diving clubs whose boats do not moor with anchors or chains. This type of mooring damaged corals.
  7. Do not overfish, especially near coral reefs and be careful not to leave your lines on the seabed.
  8. If fishkeeping is your hobby, favour farmed animals and corals instead of wild ones.
  9. Do not leave any trash.
Anyone could be tempted to pick up a piece of coral. Be aware that collecting living corals is strictly forbidden. It takes several decades for a reef to reconstitute itself.
Respecting the rules is the only way to preserve this aquatic paradise for many years.
  • Your donation will contribute to the preservation of corals culture intended to be transplanted to restore a reef.
  • Your donation will help us raise awareness among the local community and general public concerning the restoration of coral ecosystems.
  • Your donation will support the development of scientific research programs to enhance the preservation of coral reefs, understand their ecosystems and find better solutions to the threats corals are facing.
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