Working for the environment

Coral restoration St-Barth

French West Indies

The flora is also offers a wide variety around the island. No need to swim in deep water to admire this different species.
The corals often with poetic names such as Gorgons shaped like yellow fans, brown or purple, Elk Horn, Lime Pulp, and Venus Brains deserve some attention here to take some pictures. On the sand, one can see white urchins, beautiful starfish or many shells including the famous Conch.
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  • Your donation will contribute to the preservation of corals culture intended to be transplanted to restore a reef.
  • Your donation will help us raise awareness among the local community and general public concerning the restoration of coral ecosystems.
  • Your donation will support the development of scientific research programs to enhance the preservation of coral reefs, understand their ecosystems and find better solutions to the threats corals are facing.
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